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  • New Year’s Resolutions

    By Nicola Gardner

    New Year’s resolutions are promises you make to yourself to improve things in your life in the coming year. You will read a text about New Year’s resolutions for people in the UK for 2014. Which popular resolutions do you think will appear in the text? Discuss with a partner and make a list of six resolutions.

    Language level: any from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced; for Pre-Intermediate level you might consider clarifying the meaning of some key words in the text such as traditionally, promise and reality TV.

    Language areas covered: the lexis of New Year’s resolutions; the consolidation of the grammar of imperatives; all four skills practised and developed in the integrated skills incorporated in the cooperative dictation activity below; language of discussion.

    Time necessary: approximately one hour, if all elements are incorporated into your lesson plan, including the pyramid discussion in Exercise 5.

    Work in pairs. One person is Student A and the other is Student B. Read your half of the text and dictate it to your partner. Do not look at your partner’s half of the text.


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